Lars Roos
Lars Roos Concert Pianist


ec7e561b045274194045699c533bb506"...some of the most songful Schubert one is likely to hear...Mr. Roos played with fluency, absorption and fiery drama. The fire crackled and leaped in the Brahms

"Handel Variations"...the musical impulses were always vivid and unmannered, the pedaling expertly judged and the overall impact most satisfying."

Will Crutchfield, The New York Times

"His interpretations were suffused with personal warmth and expressivity."

Allen Huges, The New York Times

"He played one of the finest 'Appassionata' Sonatas I can recall hearing...his formidable musical and technical qualifications would seem to place him among the most outstanding recitalists of the day."

Bill Zakariasen, Daily News

"...deep, rich powerful sonorities and a heady virtuoso display while exercising tout control...With Mr. Roos, the romantic revival is in safe hands."

Peter C. Davis, The New York Times



Lars Roos and Birgit Nilsson